Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We signed the papers for the rental of the mobile home park lot yesterday. Puts us one step closer to being homeowners, which still seems strange to me. The guy who will install our carpeting, and other flooring came by for a walk-through and measured what needed to be. Pretty much everything but the pantry/laundry room and the two bathrooms will be getting new flooring. Donna has yet to decide on the paint colors, but we'll probably be making that decision in the next few days. I trust her totally on this, along with input from Kristina. I can live with anything they decide on, which also goes for the carpeting.

Anybody at all excited about the mid-term elections coming up in a couple months? Anybody else seriously considering third-party candidates, just so they aren't voting for an incumbent of either party? Anybody really think that a dozen wack-jobs from the Tea Party/GOP faction getting into office will make a difference? Didn't think so! Although I'm reading and listening to just as much political stuff as always, I find that I feel at a distance from it all. Intellectually I know that the outcome will effect me, but I just can't work up any emotional feelings (other than disdain) for any of the candidates running for office. I'm sure that when I get into the voting booth I'll punch the button for a few of the Democrats, although my heart really isn't in it anymore.

This is gearing up to be an interesting year for me personally (between the new home and turning sixty), so maybe that is why I feel distracted from other things going on around me. I promise to keep you updated as events occur.
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