Friday, August 13, 2010

As I mentioned over on my Facebook page (You have friended me, right?) I seem to have become the statistics guy here at the library. When being hired, I happened to mention that I was comfortable with Excel and now find myself not only doing the stats for Adult Services, but for the entire Main library. They have now handed me responsibility for the annual report to the State Library, as the guy who formerly did it is retiring. Job security, I guess.

Just spent part of the morning trying to make an appointment to have my car serviced. I knew I was overdue, but when the oil light started to blink yesterday I figured I should put it off any longer. Unfortunately, the phone numbers I have for the service center have either been disconnected or they are not picking up. I don't trust their website, where supposedly you can make an appointment, as I don't know when or if they ever look at it.

Donna, Fran (my alternate wife) and I are off on another short cruise in a couple of weeks. We always have fun and sharing the cabin is always an adventure. Have to get a promise that no photos of me climbing into the upper-bunk will be allowed this time. Wasn't funny then...not funny now!

Fingers crossed that Prop.8 will be overturned out here. Sad seeing some good folks denied what they want for no good reason. Hey, I'm a big fan of marriage! I've done it three times already. :-)

Have a good weekend!
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