Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well, overall I'm pretty happy with the first four days of the Obama administration. Of course, being one of those 'liberal/leftist' bloggers I'm never going to be completely in agreement with everything done by a moderate like Barack. Still after eight years of the Bush crime family all this feels like a breath of fresh air.

I'm willing to wait for the next few months (giving Obama/Biden their 100 days) to see where we are at that point. Things seem headed in a much better direction and we can't expect miracles. (An old agnostic like me never does!)

We are having some badly needed rain here in SoCal, but it still doesn't make me happy to have to drive in it. Those who know me already know how uneasy I am in this kind of weather. Hell, I'm even nervous driving in bright sunshine!

Donna and I are going back and forth on how to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. I know it won't be until late November, but if we want to take a cruise or head off somewhere we want to make plans and get reservations. We might take a another weekend cruise for Memorial Day, but it's not 100% set yet. I'd also love to hit Las Vegas sometime this year, even for a few days. Been several years since our last trip (not counting a few hours spent in the LV airport playing slots during a plane change) and I love the place.

That wraps it up for now. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still around and will be trying to post updates at least every other Saturday.
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