Monday, October 20, 2008

While I seriously doubt that Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL will change the mind of any voter, I'll give her credit for doing the show. I do wonder how her fellow Alaskans will feel about it though?

At this point I think Palin is moving to establish herself for her own reelection campaign in her home state (should she decide to do that) and for 2012, where she will probably run for the top spot. Palin will have four years to campaign for the White House and has already shown that a certain part of the Republican base will align with her. This was McCain's last and best shot, so we can count him out, even if he doesn't decide to retire from public service at the end of his current term. Romney (aka The Anti-Christ), Huckabee and a few others will be maneuvering to become the favorite, knowing that Caribou Barbie will be in competition.

It was good to see Colin Powell come out for Obama, but I don't think anyone truly expected him to back McCain. I think there is just to much difference between the two men on various domestic and international issues. We'll see how the Right plays this, but I think the matter of race will certainly show it's ugly head. As even John McCain's buddy, Tom Brokaw brought it up the folks at Fox will feel that gives them a free pass to go in that direction.

That's it for now, unless something else happens later.
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