Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Well, it seems that Donna may have sleep apnea, but we have to get the results from her doctor. It's pretty apparent that if she suffers from this than I probably do as well, so I guess it's my turn to get tested. Not the first time that the question of my forgetting to breathe has come up.

The Senate is now in the midst of a debate of the current 'bailout' bill. It has been interesting to hear and read the commentary the past couple of days, both pro & con. I was listening to NPR last night and several economists agree (not on the plan, of course) that having everyone call it a 'bailout' doesn't help matters with the general public. It is not an actual bailout, as that is defined or as most of we uninformed understand the term. Unlike many of my fellow bloggers I am not going to pretend to understand the "problem", but my gut feeling is that we might actually be better off allowing some of these banks & business to go belly up. Then again, I think a 'bank holiday' where debts are forgiven or decreased to workable levels might be a good idea. There is a reason that I'm not working in retail as you can tell. :-)

The smart money says that McCain is stuck with Palin, no matter how she does tomorrow evening. I agree with Mark Evanier that it is too late for the Republicans to make a change at this point, especially with some folks already submitting 'absentee ballots' and Early Voting about to take place in some states. We haven't decided whether or not we are going to take advantage of that this year or just wait until Nov. 4th. We probably will since I'm working late and don't have to be in until noon and Donna has that Tuesday off.

Probably more to say about this whole thing later or tomorrow, depending on what happens in D.C. & Wall Street.
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