Thursday, September 06, 2007

First it was Da Arnold and now Fred Thompson. Guess that Leno is where Republican actors announce their intentions.
Personally, I think Thompson peaked a few months ago and he lost support dragging things out. Snubbing the other candidates and the GOP debate certainly won't win him friends in New Hampshire. It's hard to predict what will happen a year from now but I think the GOP convention will be a bit rowdy and not in a good way.

Eight years ago you probably would have gotten even money that G.W. would get the nomination, over John McCain. This year it seems that most Republicans wish they could sit out '08 and come back in 2010 to bash the Democrats to retake Congress.

I'm not going to pick a candidate until just before the Democratic primary here in CA, but I probably could bring myself to vote for just about any of the folks running on the Democratic side. Issue-wise I am probably closer to Dennis Kucinich, but having met and chatted with Chris Dodd a few times (back when I lived in Connecticut and he was my Senator) I would have no problem giving him my support. It remains to be seen how I feel after the New Year.
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