Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Been going through and deleting some spam comments that slipped through. Most were to blog posts from years ago, but I will try to keep more current. I'll also try to do the same over on Shot's Shack when I get a chance later.

Probably a good time, while I have a few minutes to check some of the links I have up, as I have discovered a few that don't work any longer. I some cases the links still work but the sites & blogs haven't been updated since they were originally set up. Not that I am the best at updating my own blogs, of course. :-)

A few personal things, while I have your attention.

Donna and I just renewed our passports. Man, it is hard to believe that it has been ten years since I first applied for one. It was actually issued just about a week before 9/11. In fact, our applications were still in the mail during the weeks leading up to and we received them about a week or so after the incident.

Quickly, political: Is it time to change my registration from Democrat to Independent? The past few weeks have me wondering if I can still identify with that Party, but changing now will limit what I can do next year during the primaries. Might take the opportunity to vote against any incumbent and then change before the November election. I've swallowed about all I can at this point and know that no matter who the Teabaggers nominate I'm not voting for Obama. Third Party is the way to go in 2012. I know that I'm going to hear from Joe on this, and I don't blame him.
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