Monday, July 19, 2010

While some folks aren't even doing text on their cellphones, I seem to be way too techie. Love being able to Tweet from my cell and read on my nook. I've now finally accepted the fact, as Donna and others have noted, that I have no sense of direction. This past weekend I was given a belated Father's Day gift of a GPS device. My sister-in-law, Marilyn (who also uses one) showed me how to use it and actually put in several addresses I frequently use. I've since loaded the location of Nuclear Comics and the nearest Barnes & Noble, all by myself. Once I actually figure out how to install the darn thing in my car, I'm sure it will be very, useful.

As I think I've mentioned I'll be heading down to San Diego for Comic-Con International later this week. Each time I tell myself I'm not going to go the following year, since the place exhausts me. Then around November I hear they are beginning to sell tickets and I get a text message from my friend Dan, asking me if I'm going. *sigh* You can pretty much guess my reply at this point. I'll be at the Holiday Inn Downtown this year, which is a lot further than the Manchester, but also much cheaper. We can pick up the Con shuttle, but the hotel is actually within walking distance of the convention center. Doubt I'll see as many con attendees in the lobby as last year, but we'll see.

I may try to post a few things on Twitter or even Facebook if I have a chance, but I promise to try and give a full report here when I get back. Take care, until then!
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