Saturday, May 30, 2009

The past month things have been hectic around here, with visiting family & friends from back east. It was nice serving as hosts to first Fran and then Donna's sister, Marilyn, and her husband Doug, along with the 3yr old twins, Megan & Daniel. Visits to Disneyland and Sea World (neither of which I have seen for more then 15 yrs) and countless local restaurants. For the most part the weather has been good, with the only disappointment being that it rained yesterday, so a final trip to a local water park had to be cancelled. The next month or so might be quiet, with my trip to the San Diego Comicon coming up the end of July.

Things here at the Library are in flux, with more possible budget cuts coming down from the state & city. We'll have to see what the money being taken by Da Arnold will do to an already tight fiscal plan. Days of service may be cut, our book budget has already been slashed over 50% and the hiring freeze continues, with several positions unfilled for over six months. Due to negotiations with the city, the bargaining units have been able to hold off layoffs.

We're on a waiting list for a possible three-day cruise in July also, but won't know about that for a few weeks at least.
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